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SB 211: Continuity of Congress (2010)


Senate Bill 211 will promote continuity of government in the face of a natural disaster, act of war or other catastrophic event.  In 2002, the California Legislature passed and the Governor signed AB 2760(Simitian) which provided for expedited Congressional elections if 25% of the United States Congress or the California Congressional delegation were killed, missing, or disabled.  Subsequently, in 2005 Congress passed the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act which included Representative Sensenbrenner’s H.R. 841, the Continuity in Representation Act, laying out timelines and procedures for filling vacancies in Congress due to a catastrophic event.  This act had the effect of making AB 2760 divergent from federal law.  SB 211 simply builds upon AB 2760 in order to ensure compliance with federal law.

After this bill passed the Legislature, Senator Simitian sent a letter to the Governor urging his signature on this bill.

Final Status and Text

SB 211 is no longer active. Its final status was:
Signed into Law

You can read its final text on the Legislature's Bill Information site.