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SB 956: Coastal Protection : Transient Occupancy Tax (2005)


SB 956 (2005) would have enacted the Coast and Ocean Stewardship Act of 2005, which will provide a permanent funding source for the Department of Fish and Game to implement the Marine Life Protection Act; to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission to implement the McAteer-Petris Act and the Suisun Marsh Preservation Act; to the California Coastal Commission for grants to local governments to update their local coastal programs consistent with the California Coastal Act; and to the California Travel and Tourism Commission to promote tourism, including dining and overnight accommodations, in the 20 coastal counties.

SB 956 would have levied a surcharge of $1 per night per hotel room in the 20 counties that are located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay.  The revenue collected from this surcharge would have been deposited in the Coast and Ocean Account Stewardship Tax (COAST) Fund, which the bill would establish, and would have funded the above mentioned programs.

Final Status and Text

SB 956 is no longer active. Its final status was:
Did not pass the Legislature

You can read its final text on the Legislature's Bill Information site.