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October 16, 2001

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SACRAMENTO –  Assemblyman Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) announced today that he will be participating in the “Principal for a Day” program, an initiative sponsored by the Redwood City-San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce to help community leaders learn more about what is happening in local schools.

Simitian will be Principal for a Day at Fair Oaks Elementary School in Redwood City on Tuesday morning, October 23, 2001.  Fair Oaks is a public school in the Redwood City School District serving students in grades K-5.

“I’m excited to visit Fair Oaks as Principal for a Day, and I’m looking forward to seeing first hand all the good things that are happening there,” said Simitian.  “Our local principals, teachers and school staff are doing a critically important, noble, and challenging job, and I am pleased I’ll be able to spend some time with them.”

Simitian is a former school board member, past-President of a County School Boards Association, and public schools attorney who represented school districts around the State.  He says he “misses the satisfaction of more time in the classroom” from his days in those roles.  Simitian currently serves as the Chair of Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance.

“Being Principal for a Day is a pleasure, of course, but I think it also helps make me a better policymaker,” said Simitian.  “Every time I visit a school I gain a deeper understanding of the current issues our teachers and kids are facing.  There’s always a new insight.”

“It’s very valuable for legislators to have an opportunity to witness the current issues schools are facing,” said Fair Oaks Principal Ray Dawley.  “We’re delighted that Assemblyman Simitian will be spending time on our campus.”  Redwood City School Board Member Christopher Bohl echoed that comment.  “I think it’s so important that the people who represent us in Sacramento understand the day to day challenges we face in our schools.  And that’s something that can only be learned in our schools working with our kids.”

Over two dozen other business and community leaders will also be participating in the Principal for a Day Program.


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