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2004-2005 Winners

Josemaria Paterno (Stanford)
Allows counties to set up programs to distribute previously sold, unexpired, and unopened prescription drugs to uninsured patients.
Introduced as SB 798.
Signed into law.

Michael Breslin and Roxane Baxter (Los Altos)
Would reduce the fee charged by the Secretary of State for certifying adoption–related documents.
Introduced as SB 799.

Jill Meryl Levy (Campbell)
Would allow self-employed individuals and small businesses the option to pay their annual sales tax through quarterly estimates while doing the paperwork once a year.
Introduced as SB 801.

Ron Tomich (Redwood Estates)
Prohibits businesses from printing more than the last five digits of a debit card number on receipts, which is the same protection that credit cards receive.
Introduced as SB 802.
Signed into law.

Read the press release announcement for more information about these bills and the “There Oughta Be a Law” contest.