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2005-2006 Winners

Shirley Hochhausen (East Palo Alto)
Protects seniors from predatory lending practices in connection with reverse mortgages by requiring a written translation of loan documents, independent counseling, and prohibiting requirement of an annuity.
Introduced as SB 1609
Signed into law

Margaret Okuzumi (Palo Alto)
Would require transit agencies to use only water-saving, native Californian plants.
Introduced as SB 1608

Daniel Frederick Leon (Hayward)
Requires that motorists move over and change lanes or slow down as they approach a stationary emergency vehicle or tow truck on the road.  (Reintroduced 2004/2005 winner, SB 800.)
Introduced as SB 1610.
Signed into law.

Read the press release announcement for more information about these bills and the “There Oughta Be a Law” contest.