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SB 791: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening (2011)


The substance of SB 791 was previously incorporated in SB 173.  When SB 173 was held up in the Legislature, SB 791 became the vehicle.

Under Federal law, a radiologist performing a mammogram must send a report to the referring physician that includes what a woman’s breast density is.  In addition Federal law requires the radiologist write the patient to inform her of the results of her mammogram.  Senate Bill 173 is modeled off of legislation that passed into law in Connecticut in 2009 which requires that language regarding a woman’s breast density be included in the letter from the radiologist to the patient.

Women with dense breast tissue are four to six times at greater risk of developing breast cancer when compared to women of the same age and health.

After the bill passed the Legislature, Senator Simitian sent a letter to the Governor urging his signature.

For more information, you can read the SB 791 "Fact Sheet" prepared by a member of Senator Simitian's staff.

Final Status and Text

SB 791 is no longer active. Its final status was:
Vetoed by the Governor

You can read its final text on the Legislature's Bill Information site.

Background Information

Helpful Background information on Dense Breast Tissue:

-What others are saying about Dense Breast Tissue

-National Harris Survey indicating that 95% of women do not know their breast density

-Breast density breakdown used by Radiologists, also known as BI-RADS

-Radiological Society of Connecticut’s support letter for Connecticut’s breast density notification legislation

-Form filled out by radiologists during a patient’s mammogram

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