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December 15, 2009  

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SACRAMENTO – State Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) has received top marks from state environmental and senior groups for his voting record this year. The California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) and the Congress of California Seniors both gave Simitian 100% scores on their 2009 scorecards, which grade legislators’ voting records.

“I’m gratified to be recognized in this way,” Simitian said. “Even in a difficult year, we were able to advance meaningful legislation in both of these important areas.”

“Joe Simitian is a true environmental champion,” said Warner Chabot, Chief Executive Officer of CLCV. “We thank Senator Simitian for his steadfast commitment to protecting the natural beauty, public health, and quality of life in California.”

Simitian’s Senate Bill 14 was one of 22 bills used by CLCV to grade legislators. The bill, which passed the legislature but was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger, would have required that 33 percent of California’s energy come from renewable sources by the year 2020.

The Congress of California Seniors, a statewide organization focused on elder issues, also gave Simitian top marks on their annual scorecard. “Senator Simitian has long been a champion of California’s seniors and his record this year shows that he continues to fight for us,” said Hank Lacayo, the group’s State President.

Simitian has authored several laws to protect seniors, including SB 1018 (2005), which requires that bank employees report suspected elder financial abuse. More recently, Simitian’s SB 1400 (2008) toughened rules to prevent deceptive sweepstakes, which disproportionately affect elder Californians.

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