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SB 1191: Default Disclosure to Prospective Tenants

SB 1303: Red Light Cameras

SB 1310: Cell Phones and Texting While Driving

SB 1329: Prescription Drug Recycling Programs

SB 1330: Privacy of License Plate Recognition Data

SB 1359: Tax Check-offs for Cancer Research

SB 1360: Cruise Ship Discharges

SB 1384: Security Freeze on Consumer Reports

SB 1496: Liquefied Natural Gas

SB 1509: School Design-Build Contracts

SB 1538: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SB 1547: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 972: CEQA Streamlining

SB 984: CEQA Record of Proceedings

SJR 22: World Press Freedom Day 2012

SJR 23: Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance


SB 23: RPS Amendments

SB 24: Data Breach Notification

SB 27: Pension Spiking

SB 28: Cell Phones and Texting While Driving

SB 29: Red Light Cameras

SB 2X: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 30: Kindergarten Readiness Act Implementation

SB 33: Financial Elder Abuse Sunset Elimination

SB 34: Water Fees

SB 36: Child Healthcare Access

SB 37: LNG Facility Planning

SB 164: Child Trust Fund and Endangered Species Tax Check-Off

SB 164: Child Trust Fund and Endangered Species Tax Check-Off

SB 173: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SB 178: Green Ribbon Science Panel

SB 221: Small Claims Court Increase

SB 225: Small Trucking Companies Leasing

SB 226: CEQA

SB 419: Medical Sharps Disposal

SB 445: Library Records

SB 506: Registered Warrants and Tax Liability

SB 514: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

SB 518: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 558: Elder Abuse Standard

SB 645: Charter Schools

SB 885: Ed Data Governance

SB 791: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SCA 5: School District Parcel Taxes


SB 211: Continuity of Congress

SB 722: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 928: Product Disclosure

SB 1166: Data Breach Notification

SB 1245: Free Carpool Lanes

SB 1268: Electronic Toll Collection Privacy

SB 1301: Student Data

SB 1342: Polling Places

SB 1362: Red Light Cameras

SB 1381: Kindergarten Age

SB 1393: Biennial Car Registration

SB 1401: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 1411: Criminal E-personation

SB 1425: Pension Spiking

SB 1431: Children’s Health Care Access

SB 1443: Delta Emergency Task Force

SB 1450: Delta Stewardship Council

SB 1456: CEQA Mitigation Measures

SB 1464: Local Planning

SB 1469: Threats to Water Quality

SB 1475: Cell Phones and Texting While Driving

SCR 95: Acknowledgement and Apology to Italian Americans


SB 12: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Act of 2009

SB 14: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 19: Education Data

SB 20: Security Breach Notification Improvements

SB 21: Derelict Fishing Gear

SB 22: Toxic Substance Review Procedures

SB 26: Drug Waste Disposal

SB 159: Move Over, Slow Down Sunset Repeal

SB 176: Electricity Donation Sunset Repeal

SB 317: Smoke Detector Collection Act of 2009

SB 376: LNG Facility Planning

SB 425: Commute Trip Reduction

SB 486: Medical Sharps Disposal

SB 614: Cruise Ships

SBX5 2: Education Data Access

SBX7 1: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009

SCA 6: School District Parcel Taxes


SB 348: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees

SB 1298: Education Information System

SB 1304: Childcare Program Extension for San Mateo County

SB 1311: Small Business Micro-Finance Loans

SB 1339: Sexual Misconduct in Schools

SB 1399: Solar energy systems

SB 1400: Deceptive Sweepstakes Prohibition

SB 1401: Traumatic Brain Injury Screening

SB 1516: Library Bond

SB 1582: Sea Marshals on Cruise Ships

SB 1622: Employee Records Technical Change

SB 1739: Oil Spill Contingency Plan

SCA 17: School District Parcel Taxes


SB 26: Ethnic Heritage Respect and Recognition Act

SB 27: Delta Emergency Preparedness

SB 28: Texting while Driving Prohibition

SB 29: RFID in Schools - Parental Choice

SB 30: Identity Information Protection Act of 2007

SB 31: RFID Skimming Ban

SB 33: Teen Driver Cell Phone Safety

SB 156: Library Bond

SB 291: California Design for the Environment Program

SB 362: Banning RFID Implants

SB 363: Teacher credentialing: identification number

SB 364: Security Breach Notification Enhancements

SB 410: Getting Renewables to Market

SB 411: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 412: Liquified Natural Gas Terminal Evaluation Act

SB 456: Diacetyl Prohibition

SB 509: Toxics Information Clearinghouse

SB 536: Insurance Commissioner Election Accountability Act

SB 537: Charter school oversight report

SB 578: High production volume chemicals

SB 612: Identity Theft Trial Location

SB 613: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees

SB 614: Design-build contracts for public education

SB 640: Sexual Misconduct in Schools

SB 898: Voluntary Tax Contributions

SB 899: Derelict Fishing Gear

SB 908: Environmental Education

SB 909: School Board Member Compensation

SB 966: Pharmaceutical drug disposal

SB 967: Election precincts

SB 968: Universal default prohibition

SB 973: Chemicals of concern

SCA 2: Water Bond

SCR 37: Lewis E. Platt Memorial Highway

SJR 12: Elder Abuse Awareness Stamp


SB 497: Ballast Water Discharge Standards

SB 1358: School Finance Equalization

SB 1457: School District Liabilities

SB 1457: School District Liabilities

SB 1458: Methamphetamine Lab Clean-up

SB 1459: Insurance Commissioner

SB 1608: Native Plants for Transit Landscaping

SB 1609: Elder Abuse in Reverse Mortgages Prevention

SB 1610: Move Over, Slow Down

SB 1611: Congestion Management Improvements

SB 1612: Delta Water

SB 1613: Hands-free Cellphones

SB 1614: Teachers: information system

SB 1615: Ethnic Heritage Respect and Recognition Act

SJR 33: Elder Abuse Awareness Stamp


SB 107: Renewable Energy Portfolio

SB 188: National Guard

SB 201: Marine finfish aquaculture

SB 202: Privacy of Telephone Calling Records

SB 203: San Mateo County Parks

SB 307: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

SB 308: Recording Fees: Elder and Dependent Adult Financial

SB 369: Tire recycling

SB 398: Insurance Commissioner

SB 419: Hazardous Rail Tank Cars

SB 420: Public contracts: procurements: recycled products

SB 421: Methamphetamine Lab Clean-up

SB 422: Small Claims Court

SB 423: Nonprofit Electricity Donations

SB 426: State Energy Resources Conservation and Development

SB 433: Mandatory Notice of Security Breach

SB 434: Traducement

SB 439: University of California : Disclosure

SB 679: Group Homes : Canyon Oaks

SB 680: VRF : Santa Clara County

SB 681: Hands Free Cell Phones

SB 682: Identity Information Protection Act

SB 687: School Accountability Report Cards

SB 729: Water quality

SB 768: Identity Information Protection Act

SB 768: RFID Protections for Government IDs

SB 769: Rental Housing : Energy Efficient Appliances

SB 771: Vessels : Discharge Ban

SB 798: Recovery & Reuse of Unused Prescription Medicines

SB 799: Fee Reduction for Adoption

SB 800: Move Over, Slow Down

SB 801: Sales Tax Paperwork Reduction

SB 802: Debit Card Numbers

SB 807: Evidence: penitential communications: documents

SB 913: Medication Therapies: Rheumatic Diseases

SB 956: Coastal Protection : Transient Occupancy Tax

SB 958: Declining Enrollment

SB 960: Santa Cruz Title Exchange

SB 1018: Mandatory Reporting of Financial Abuse

SB 1072: Teacher Support and Development Act of 2006

SB 1073: Special education: out of home care

SB 1077: School Funding Equalization

SB 1078: RFID in Student IDs

SCA 8: Local Control and Parcel Taxes

SCR 31: Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Education

SCR 60: Santa Cruz : Surf City


AB 1828: Hands-free Cellphones

AB 1853: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

AB 1854: Wipers On, Lights On

AB 2178: Equalization Funding

AB 2611: Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse

AB 2672: Large passenger vessels: sewage

AB 2673: Natural resources: grant of federal lands

AB 2791: Nursing Facility Abuse Prevention

AB 2814: Natural resources: CEQA Litigation

AJR 73: Armenian Genocide: Day of Remembrance


AB 45: Hands-Free Cell Phones

AB 46: Identity Theft Prevention

AB 47: Timber Harvest Plan

AB 48: School Funding Equalization

AB 49: High-Tech Crime

AB 51: Child Care in General Plan

AB 52: Summer School for At Risk Kids: supplemental instruction

AB 53: Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund

AB 68: Online Privacy

AB 121: Cruise Ships: water quality

AB 218: Senior Congregate Housing

AB 471: Cruise Ships: air pollution

AB 567: Anti-Spam

AB 1143: Internet Communications Protection Act

AB 1229: Sexual Harassment

AB 1231: Arbitration Agreements

AB 1301: Alcoholic Beverages & Controlled Substances: minors

AB 1302: Payment of Claims

AB 1303: Vehicle License Plate Display: persons with disabilities

AB 1326: Child Care Subsidies Pilot Project: San Mateo County

AB 1328: State Budget: prompt payment to nonprofit vendors

AB 1330: Environmental Education

AB 1350: Ravenswood City School District: reimbursement

AB 1358: Redevelopment: housing

AB 1366: Charter School Funding

AB 1396: Elder Abuse Ombudsman

AB 1544: Mail Ballot Elections

AB 1545: Email Testimony

AB 1546: San Mateo County: vehicle fee

AB 1649: Pupil Attendance: residency requirements

AB 1650: Teacher Support and Development Act of 2003

ACA 4: Parcel Tax

ACR 77: National Library Week


AB 1911: Hands-Free Cell Phone Requirement for CA Drivers

AB 1945: Open Meetings

AB 1981: Court Discovery: Confidential business documents

AB 2100: Property Taxes: Educational Revenue Augmentation

AB 2120: Staff Development Categorical Programs-Block Grant

AB 2130: Summer School for At-Risk Children

AB 2140: Elder Abuse

AB 2296: Mental Health Services Paperwork Reduction Act

AB 2297: Online Privacy Statements

AB 2472: Least Toxic Alternatives to Pesticides

AB 2473: Gift Certificates

AB 2474: Antifreeze

AB 2475: Emergency Appropriations for Nonprofit Vendors

AB 2580: Dangerous Weapons

AB 2760: Catastrophic Events: Expedited Elections

AB 2776: Mandatory Airport Impact Disclosures in Home Sales

AB 2797: Codes: obsolete or inoperative

AB 2815: Airport ground transportation

AB 2831: Medical Information: Electronic Notification

AB 2844: Property Taxes: land trusts: agriculture

AB 2896: Congregate Housing

AB 2922: Privacy List

AB 2938: Polluter Pays - Waste Discharge Permit Fees

AB 2954: Child Care in the General Plan

AJR 44: Armenian Genocide: Days of Remembrance


AB 47: Juvenile Court Schools Equalization

AB 100: Property Taxes: Educational Revenue Augmentation

AB 300: Criminal law: Credit for time served

AB 400: Community Volunteer Ballot Designation

AB 441: School Funding Equalization

AB 700: Security Breaches

AB 821: High Tech Crime

AB 881: Court Discovery: Confidential business documents

AB 886: Court-Orphaned Minors

AB 911: Hands-Free Cell Phone Requirement for CA Drivers

AB 953: Park and Open Space Districts

AB 1000: Design/Build for Community College Districts

AB 1100: Education Finance

AB 1105: Child Care Assistance for Foster Parents

AB 1111: Financial Abuse Specialist Teams

AB 1187: Household Hazardous Waste

AB 1219: Identity Theft

AB 1402: Design-Build Process for Schools

AB 1589: E-Health Study

AB 1590: Judicial Proceedings

ABX1 37: Rotating service outages: conservation: priorities

ABX1 82: County Water District Law: technical change

ABX1 108: Electrical corporations: standby charges

ABX1 109: Rotating service outages: conservation: priorities

ABX2 3: Rotating service outages: conservation: priorities

ABX2 7: Electrical corporations: standby charges

ABX2 8: Rotating service outages: conservation: priorities

ABX2 12: Water and Sewer Submetering

ACR 75: California Wireless Safety Week