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Legislation: 2007-2008 Legislation

Legislation | By Year | Signed Into Law | Vetoed | Resolutions


SB 348: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees

SB 1298: Education Information System

SB 1304: Childcare Program Extension for San Mateo County

SB 1311: Small Business Micro-Finance Loans

SB 1339: Sexual Misconduct in Schools

SB 1399: Solar energy systems

SB 1400: Deceptive Sweepstakes Prohibition

SB 1401: Traumatic Brain Injury Screening

SB 1516: Library Bond

SB 1582: Sea Marshals on Cruise Ships

SB 1622: Employee Records Technical Change

SB 1739: Oil Spill Contingency Plan

SCA 17: School District Parcel Taxes


SB 26: Ethnic Heritage Respect and Recognition Act

SB 27: Delta Emergency Preparedness

SB 28: Texting while Driving Prohibition

SB 29: RFID in Schools - Parental Choice

SB 30: Identity Information Protection Act of 2007

SB 31: RFID Skimming Ban

SB 33: Teen Driver Cell Phone Safety

SB 156: Library Bond

SB 291: California Design for the Environment Program

SB 362: Banning RFID Implants

SB 363: Teacher credentialing: identification number

SB 364: Security Breach Notification Enhancements

SB 410: Getting Renewables to Market

SB 411: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 412: Liquified Natural Gas Terminal Evaluation Act

SB 456: Diacetyl Prohibition

SB 509: Toxics Information Clearinghouse

SB 536: Insurance Commissioner Election Accountability Act

SB 537: Charter school oversight report

SB 578: High production volume chemicals

SB 612: Identity Theft Trial Location

SB 613: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees

SB 614: Design-build contracts for public education

SB 640: Sexual Misconduct in Schools

SB 898: Voluntary Tax Contributions

SB 899: Derelict Fishing Gear

SB 908: Environmental Education

SB 909: School Board Member Compensation

SB 966: Pharmaceutical drug disposal

SB 967: Election precincts

SB 968: Universal default prohibition

SB 973: Chemicals of concern

SCA 2: Water Bond

SCR 37: Lewis E. Platt Memorial Highway

SJR 12: Elder Abuse Awareness Stamp