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Legislation: 2003-2004 Legislation

Legislation | By Year | Signed Into Law | Vetoed | Resolutions


AB 1828: Hands-free Cellphones

AB 1853: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

AB 1854: Wipers On, Lights On

AB 2178: Equalization Funding

AB 2611: Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse

AB 2672: Large passenger vessels: sewage

AB 2673: Natural resources: grant of federal lands

AB 2791: Nursing Facility Abuse Prevention

AB 2814: Natural resources: CEQA Litigation

AJR 73: Armenian Genocide: Day of Remembrance


AB 45: Hands-Free Cell Phones

AB 46: Identity Theft Prevention

AB 47: Timber Harvest Plan

AB 48: School Funding Equalization

AB 49: High-Tech Crime

AB 51: Child Care in General Plan

AB 52: Summer School for At Risk Kids: supplemental instruction

AB 53: Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund

AB 68: Online Privacy

AB 121: Cruise Ships: water quality

AB 218: Senior Congregate Housing

AB 471: Cruise Ships: air pollution

AB 567: Anti-Spam

AB 1143: Internet Communications Protection Act

AB 1229: Sexual Harassment

AB 1231: Arbitration Agreements

AB 1301: Alcoholic Beverages & Controlled Substances: minors

AB 1302: Payment of Claims

AB 1303: Vehicle License Plate Display: persons with disabilities

AB 1326: Child Care Subsidies Pilot Project: San Mateo County

AB 1328: State Budget: prompt payment to nonprofit vendors

AB 1330: Environmental Education

AB 1350: Ravenswood City School District: reimbursement

AB 1358: Redevelopment: housing

AB 1366: Charter School Funding

AB 1396: Elder Abuse Ombudsman

AB 1544: Mail Ballot Elections

AB 1545: Email Testimony

AB 1546: San Mateo County: vehicle fee

AB 1649: Pupil Attendance: residency requirements

AB 1650: Teacher Support and Development Act of 2003

ACA 4: Parcel Tax

ACR 77: National Library Week