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Legislation: 2011-2012 Legislation

Legislation | By Year | Signed Into Law | Vetoed | Resolutions


SB 1191: Default Disclosure to Prospective Tenants

SB 1303: Red Light Cameras

SB 1310: Cell Phones and Texting While Driving

SB 1329: Prescription Drug Recycling Programs

SB 1330: Privacy of License Plate Recognition Data

SB 1359: Tax Check-offs for Cancer Research

SB 1360: Cruise Ship Discharges

SB 1384: Security Freeze on Consumer Reports

SB 1496: Liquefied Natural Gas

SB 1509: School Design-Build Contracts

SB 1538: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SB 1547: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 972: CEQA Streamlining

SB 984: CEQA Record of Proceedings

SJR 22: World Press Freedom Day 2012

SJR 23: Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance


SB 23: RPS Amendments

SB 24: Data Breach Notification

SB 27: Pension Spiking

SB 28: Cell Phones and Texting While Driving

SB 29: Red Light Cameras

SB 2X: 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

SB 30: Kindergarten Readiness Act Implementation

SB 33: Financial Elder Abuse Sunset Elimination

SB 34: Water Fees

SB 36: Child Healthcare Access

SB 37: LNG Facility Planning

SB 164: Child Trust Fund and Endangered Species Tax Check-Off

SB 173: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SB 178: Green Ribbon Science Panel

SB 221: Small Claims Court Increase

SB 225: Small Trucking Companies Leasing

SB 226: CEQA

SB 419: Medical Sharps Disposal

SB 445: Library Records

SB 506: Registered Warrants and Tax Liability

SB 514: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

SB 518: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 558: Elder Abuse Standard

SB 645: Charter Schools

SB 885: Ed Data Governance

SB 791: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SCA 5: School District Parcel Taxes