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Committee Assignments

Standing Committee Membership

Chair, Environmental Quality Committee

The Environmental Quality Committee hears all bills relating to environmental quality, air quality, water quality, integrated waste management, toxics, and hazardous waste.

Member, Budget Committee
       Chair, Budget Subcommittee #2 on Resources

Member, Education Committee
       Member, Subcommittee on Sustainable School Facilities

Member, Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee

The Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee hears bills relating to utilities, energy companies, alternative energy development and conservation, and communications development and technology.

Member, Natural Resources and Water Committee

The Natural Resources and Water Committee hears bills relating to conservation and management of public resources, fish and wildlife, regulation of oil, mining, geothermal development, acid deposition, wetlands and lakes, global atmospheric effects, ocean and bay pollution, forestry practices, recreation, parks and historical resources and beverage container recycling.

Member, Transportation and Housing Committee

The Transportation and Housing Committee hears:
  • Bills relating to the operation, safety, equipment, transfer of ownership, licensing and registration of vehicles, aircraft and vessels.
  • Legislation affecting the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Bills relating to waterways, harbors, highways, public transportation systems and airports.
  • Bills relating to housing and community development, including those that affect state housing programs for low- and moderate-income families, housing elements and land use approvals for housing developments, the housing obligations of redevelopment agencies, manufactured housing, building codes and standards, common interest developments, and enterprise zones.

Select Committee Membership

Chair, Select Committee on Breast Cancer Awareness and Detection

Chair, Select Committee on Privacy

Other Appointments

California Coastal Conservancy