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Legislation: 2005-2006 Legislation

Legislation | By Year | Signed Into Law | Vetoed | Resolutions


SB 33: Financial Elder Abuse Sunset Elimination

SB 221: Small Claims Court Increase


SB 497: Ballast Water Discharge Standards

SB 1358: School Finance Equalization

SB 1457: School District Liabilities

SB 1457: School District Liabilities

SB 1458: Methamphetamine Lab Clean-up

SB 1459: Insurance Commissioner

SB 1608: Native Plants for Transit Landscaping

SB 1609: Elder Abuse in Reverse Mortgages Prevention

SB 1610: Move Over, Slow Down

SB 1611: Congestion Management Improvements

SB 1612: Delta Water

SB 1613: Hands-free Cellphones

SB 1614: Teachers: information system

SB 1615: Ethnic Heritage Respect and Recognition Act

SJR 33: Elder Abuse Awareness Stamp


SB 107: Renewable Energy Portfolio

SB 188: National Guard

SB 201: Marine finfish aquaculture

SB 202: Privacy of Telephone Calling Records

SB 203: San Mateo County Parks

SB 307: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

SB 308: Recording Fees: Elder and Dependent Adult Financial

SB 369: Tire recycling

SB 398: Insurance Commissioner

SB 419: Hazardous Rail Tank Cars

SB 420: Public contracts: procurements: recycled products

SB 421: Methamphetamine Lab Clean-up

SB 422: Small Claims Court

SB 423: Nonprofit Electricity Donations

SB 426: State Energy Resources Conservation and Development

SB 433: Mandatory Notice of Security Breach

SB 434: Traducement

SB 439: University of California : Disclosure

SB 679: Group Homes : Canyon Oaks

SB 680: VRF : Santa Clara County

SB 681: Hands Free Cell Phones

SB 682: Identity Information Protection Act

SB 687: School Accountability Report Cards

SB 729: Water quality

SB 768: Identity Information Protection Act

SB 768: RFID Protections for Government IDs

SB 769: Rental Housing : Energy Efficient Appliances

SB 771: Vessels : Discharge Ban

SB 798: Recovery & Reuse of Unused Prescription Medicines

SB 799: Fee Reduction for Adoption

SB 800: Move Over, Slow Down

SB 801: Sales Tax Paperwork Reduction

SB 802: Debit Card Numbers

SB 807: Evidence: penitential communications: documents

SB 913: Medication Therapies: Rheumatic Diseases

SB 956: Coastal Protection : Transient Occupancy Tax

SB 958: Declining Enrollment

SB 960: Santa Cruz Title Exchange

SB 1018: Mandatory Reporting of Financial Abuse

SB 1072: Teacher Support and Development Act of 2006

SB 1073: Special education: out of home care

SB 1077: School Funding Equalization

SB 1078: RFID in Student IDs

SCA 8: Local Control and Parcel Taxes

SCR 31: Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Education

SCR 60: Santa Cruz : Surf City