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Legislation: Miscellaneous

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SB 1329: Prescription Drug Recycling Programs


SB 27: Pension Spiking

SB 36: Child Healthcare Access

SB 164: Child Trust Fund and Endangered Species Tax Check-Off

SB 173: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

SB 221: Small Claims Court Increase

SB 225: Small Trucking Companies Leasing

SB 506: Registered Warrants and Tax Liability

SB 514: Dextromethorphan: sale to minors ban

SB 791: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening


SB 1245: Free Carpool Lanes

SB 1401: Beverage Container Recycling

SB 1425: Pension Spiking

SB 1431: Children’s Health Care Access

SB 1450: Delta Stewardship Council

SB 1464: Local Planning


SB 348: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees

SB 1304: Childcare Program Extension for San Mateo County

SB 1311: Small Business Micro-Finance Loans

SB 1401: Traumatic Brain Injury Screening

SB 1622: Employee Records Technical Change


SB 26: Ethnic Heritage Respect and Recognition Act

SB 156: Library Bond

SB 536: Insurance Commissioner Election Accountability Act

SB 613: Local Government Vehicle Registration Fees


SB 1611: Congestion Management Improvements


SB 188: National Guard

SB 679: Group Homes : Canyon Oaks

SB 680: VRF : Santa Clara County

SB 799: Fee Reduction for Adoption

SB 913: Medication Therapies: Rheumatic Diseases

SB 960: Santa Cruz Title Exchange


AB 51: Child Care in General Plan

AB 218: Senior Congregate Housing

AB 1231: Arbitration Agreements

AB 1303: Vehicle License Plate Display: persons with disabilities

AB 1326: Child Care Subsidies Pilot Project: San Mateo County

AB 1358: Redevelopment: housing

AB 1546: San Mateo County: vehicle fee


AB 2296: Mental Health Services Paperwork Reduction Act

AB 2954: Child Care in the General Plan


AB 1105: Child Care Assistance for Foster Parents

AB 1589: E-Health Study

ABX1 82: County Water District Law: technical change

ABX2 7: Electrical corporations: standby charges